Simon Newton

Film & TV Actor


Hair:                   Brown, short.

Eyes:                  Blue.

Authenticity:     Caucasian.

Height:                5’11

Simon Newton
Simon Newton


Simon Newton has been involved in film work since 2010 with films such as the Green Zone Thriller filmed in Morocco and Sherlock Holmes a Game of Shadows. He has doubled for Dave Bautista in the movie Final Score and carried out parts in various programmes on UK TV. He is now an established actor having trained at the iconic Pinewood Studios.


2021 Wilderswood Voice Coaching
Clare Fleetneedle | Bolton U.K

2021 International School of Screen Acting
Fighting for Screen Combat
3 Mills Studios | London UK

2020 Master Class in Screen Acting Diploma held at the Actors Studio |  Tim Kent

Pinewood Studios | London, UK

2020 Voice, Script & Acting Workshop | Clare Davidson

Pinewood Studios | London, UK

2020 Screen Acting Techniques Workshop | Mel Churcher

Pinewood Studios | London, UK

2020 Casting Workshop | Ben Cogan

Pinewood Studios | London, UK

2020 Screen Acting Workshop | Richard Lynn

Pinewood Studios | London, UK


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